Congratulations Christine and Dilly!


Another success!

On the 14th July, Christine Gregory and Dilly braved the heat to take part in The Golden Retriever Club of Wales Working Test and came away with a First in Novice after a tense run off between 4 dogs. Huge congratulations from us all at The Vale and West GC!

Competitive Training Day 2018 – a scorcher of a day!

Sonnenaufgang Quest at the competitive training day

Vale and West held it’s third successful Competitive Training Day 2018 on the 21st July at Ryden Farm in Worcestershire with the kind permission of Helen and Chris Phillips.

As usual the weather played it’s part in the proceedings, although unlike in previous years, it was clear skies and full sunshine to be dealt with, with temperatures in the high 20’s. Hat’s, sunscreen and plenty on water at the ready!

22nd July 2018
Write up by Rebecca Bye

We ran all three breed categories with their own breed specific tests, simultaneously in different locations of the farm. There were 4 tests each carrying 20 points so a maximum of 80 in order that we could also have an overall winner between breed categories.

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Report: Retriever Training Day with Lisa Harris


26th May 2018
Write up by Richard Gourlay

The grounds at Standlake were fantastic and appreciated by all who came.

There were 5x handlers in the morning session and another 5x in the afternoon.  2x of the handlers did both sessions and worked different dogs in each.

After a brief introduction a suggested plan for the day was given.  The aim of the sessions were to be able to provide handlers with different ‘tools’ for their ‘toolbox’ so that they can call upon them when needed. Not every method will work for every dog, so it is useful to try different things in order to be successful.
We discussed the KC J-regulations and talked about the standard required.  Although not everyone was looking to compete in tests it was still very useful to know the level expected and for an explanation on why things were done and why they were expected, and also why you would lose marks for doing particular things. Lisa provided real-life comparisons to how these skills would be essential in the shooting field, working a dog whilst handling a gun.

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Congratulations Lindsey and Hobbs!

Hobbs retrieving

On 03 June 2018, club member Lindsey Herman and 1 year old Labrador, Hobbs achieved 3rd place when they took part in the United Retriever Club (URC) North Midlands Puppy Gundog Working Test. The test was part of took place over the hot June weekend in front of spectators, near Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Lindsey said of the test “He did all retrieves comfortably. The puppy test involved 5 tests including marked retrieves in short cover off at an angle, a memory retrieve of 30 yards, shot with a marked retrieve in very long cover, a water retrieve of about 20 yards into the water and a blind retrieve of about 100 yards in extremely long cover with a distraction dummy thrown off to the right at an angle with shot. It was the first time he’d done a blind retrieve and water with formal retrieving. I was so pleased with how he did on the day, he took it all in his stride and handled lovely. Listened to the whistle cues when needed, a little work needed on his directional control was evident but he still was fab.”

Lindsey considered the tests interesting and fairly difficult and has kindly completed a full write up of the tests. To read the details of the tests please go to our Facebook Group and see Lindsey’s Post.

Congratulations to Lindsey and Hobbs on the first of what we are sure will be many successes to come.

Lindsey’s quote was taken from Clicker Gundog on Facebook

HPR Judge Confirmed

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the first of our judges for this years Competitive Training Day. 

Derek Whitfield has owned HPR’s for 40 years, competing in Gundog Working Tests / Field Trials as well judging HPR’s at Gundog Working Tests. Until last year Derek was the Field Trial Secretary for the Hungarian Vizsla Club.  

For more information about the Competitive training day 2018 can be found  on Events Page